What Are Natural Pig Predators


Piglets are the young of domestic pigs, typically weaned at 4-8 weeks of age. A typical piglet weighs about 10 lb (4.5 kg) at birth and will double its weight within a week. By 4 weeks of age, a piglet will have quadrupled its birth weight and will continue to grow rapidly until it reaches sexual maturity at about 6 months of age.


Pigs are omnivorous animals and will eat just about anything they can find. This includes both plant and animal matter. Some of the more common things that pigs will eat are roots, fruits, nuts, seeds, and small animals such as rodents or reptiles. Pigs will also eat carrion, or dead animals, if they come across it.

List of Animal Natural Pig Predators

1. Wolves
2. Bears
3. Cougars
4. Eagles
5. Coyotes
6. Bobcats
7. Lynx
8. Ferrets
9. Weasels
10. Badgers

Related Questions:


1. What predators hunt pigs?

Pigs have a variety of natural predators including dogs, coyotes, wolves, bears, and wild cats. These animals typically hunt pigs for food, although some may also kill pigs for sport.

2. How do predators kill pigs?

Most predators will kill pigs by biting them in the neck or throat, which severs the jugular vein or carotid artery and leads to rapid blood loss and death. Some predators may also kill pigs by crushing their skulls or breaking their necks.

3. What can farmers do to protect their pigs from predators?

Farmers can take a number of steps to protect their pigs from predators. These include installing fences or electric fences around pig pens, using guard dogs, and removing brush and other hiding places near pig pens.

4. How often do predators attack pigs?

The frequency of predator attacks on pigs varies depending on the area and the type of predator involved. In some areas, pigs may be killed by predators on a nightly basis, while in other areas attacks may be rare.

5. What happens to pigs after they are killed by predators?

Most predators will consume all or part of the pig, depending on the size of the animal and the predator’s own hunger level. Some predators, such as bears, may cache or bury pigs that they kill, to be eaten at a later time.

The Sum Up!


There are several natural predators of pigs, including wolves, coyotes, bears, and mountain lions. These animals typically prey on pigs that are young, sick, or injured. In some cases, they may also kill healthy pigs if they are desperate or if there is a shortage of other prey in the area. While these predators can pose a threat to pigs, they also help to keep populations in check and can help to keep diseases from spreading.

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