What Animal Screams Like a Human


We all know that animals can be vocal, but have you ever heard an animal that sounds like a human? It’s actually quite eerie! There are a few animals out there that have the ability to vocalize in a way that is eerily similar to humans.

In this article, We will take a closer look at the animals screams like a human and their unique ability to scream like a human. We’ll learn about its habitat, diet, and behaviour. You’ll also find out why this animal is in danger of becoming extinct. So read on to learn more about the amazing animals!

Here are 9 Animals that Scream Like a Human

1. The Red Foxes

Red Foxes

The red fox is a species of fox that is found across the northern hemisphere. These foxes are characterized by their red fur, which gives them their name. Red foxes are relatively small animals, with an average body length of around 3 feet. They are also known for their high level of intelligence, and for their ability to make a wide range of vocalizations, including screams that sound very much like a human screams.

While red foxes are not typically considered to be a threat to humans, their high level of intelligence means that they can be very cunning. This, combined with their sharp teeth and claws, means that they can be dangerous if they feel threatened. For this reason, it is important to be cautious around red foxes and to never approach them if they appear to be agitated.

2. Bull Frogs

Bull Frogs

Bullfrogs are large frogs that are found in North and South America. They are usually green or brown in colour, and can grow up to eight inches long. Bullfrogs are carnivores and will eat just about anything they can fit in their mouths, including other frogs, snakes, and rodents. They are known for their loud, deep calls, which can be heard up to a mile away.

When a bullfrog is angry or frightened, it can scream loudly – sometimes as loud as a human. This is because bullfrogs have vocal sacs that inflate with air and help amplify their voices.

So, if you ever hear an animal screaming like a human, it could be a bullfrog!

3. Gibbon Apes

Gibbon Apes

Gibbon apes are small, tailless primates that are found in the forests of Southeast Asia. They are known for their long arms, which they use to swing from tree to tree. Gibbon apes are also known for their loud calls, which can be heard up to a mile away.

Gibbon apes are known to make a variety of sounds, including screams, to communicate with one another. These screams can sometimes sound eerily similar to a human scream.

4. Parrots


Parrots are birds of the order Psittaciformes. There are about 372 species in 86 genera. They are found in most tropical and subtropical regions. The greatest diversity of parrots is found in South America and Australasia.

Parrots have a hooked beak and zygodactyl feet. Most parrots are polygynous, meaning that one male mates with multiple females. A few species of parrots are monogamous, however.

Parrots are known to be some of the most vocal animals on the planet, and they are also known for imitating the sounds of other animals and humans. So it’s no surprise that they are also able to scream like humans.

5. Koalas


Koalas are one of the most unique and interesting animals in the world. They are known for their cute and cuddly appearance, but they also have a very interesting scream.

When Koalas are scared or in pain, they will emit a high-pitched scream that sounds eerily human. This scream is often compared to a child’s cry, and it can be quite disturbing to hear.

The reason for this unique scream is still unknown, but it is thought that it may be related to the Koala’s vocal cords. These cords are much shorter than those of other animals, which may contribute to the high-pitched sound.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that the Koala’s scream is one of the most distinctive and interesting animals sounds in the world.

6. Goats


Goats are one of the most vocal animals on the planet and are known for their unique screams. When they scream, it sounds eerily similar to a human scream, which can be quite unsettling for those who are not used to it.

The screams of a goat can be caused by many things, such as fear, pain, or even excitement. They are also known to scream when they are mating, which is why many people believe that they are trying to communicate with their human counterparts. Whatever the reason for their screams, it is sure to send chills down your spine!

7. Peacocks


There are many things in nature that can startle us with their similarity to human behaviour. One of these is the peacock. Although these birds are beautiful to look at, their screams can be quite unnerving.

The peacock is the national bird of India and is considered to be sacred in many cultures. These birds are usually very calm and serene, but when they are startled or frightened, they can let out a blood-curdling scream that sounds eerily like a human being in pain.

So why do peacocks scream like humans?

It is thought that peacocks scream in order to warn other peacocks of danger. The loud, screeching sound is a way to communicate danger and to alert others to be on the lookout.

While the sound of a peacock screaming can be startling, it is actually a sign of their intelligence. They are able to use their cries to warn others and to keep themselves safe from harm.

8. Male limpkins

Male limpkins

Limpkins are a type of wading bird that is found in marshes and swampy areas throughout the Americas. They are most closely related to the herons and ibises, and like these birds, they have long legs and necks. Limpkins are unique, however, in their distinctive calls, which have been likened to the screams of a human.

Limpkins are shy birds, and they are seldom seen in the open. When they are disturbed, they will often emit a loud, piercing scream. This scream has been described as sounding like a child or woman screaming, and it can be quite unsettling to hear. The screams of the limpkin are thought to be used to warn other birds of predators, or to scare away potential threats.

While the screams of the limpkin may be alarming to humans, these birds are actually quite harmless. They are not known to attack people or animals, and they are generally peaceful creatures. If you find yourself in the presence of a screaming limpkin, the best thing to do is to simply leave the area and give the bird some space.

9. Angry Pugs

Angry Pugs

Pugs are a very popular breed of dog, known for their comical personalities and adorable faces. But don’t let their cute exterior fool you – pugs can be very feisty little dogs! When they get angry, they are known to let out some very human-like screams. So if you’re ever in the vicinity of an angry pug, beware – their screams might just give you a good scare!

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